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World Tea Brewing Championship Shanghai

This episode gives an insight into tea brewing competitions and the type of tea drinks that you will see as part of the future tea industry. Following on from last week's Shanghai's modern tea houses episode, I show you how to brew a very modern tea drink. The tea...

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Shanghai – The very Model of a Modern Tea House

Shanghai tea scene is adapting to the modern world with innovation, style, and class. The very model of Modern Tea House, Chinese tea is adapting and Next Wave Tea Houses have emerged to answer the calls of modern tea drinkers. Tea Houses are designer interiors with...

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Brewing Japanese Green Tea – Hints and Tips

In this episode, Pascale from Travelling Samovar joins me again to discuss breaking the rules of tea brewing and expanding your tea knowledge. Learn about how she tackles brewing her morning Japanese green tea. Learn about how she brews Japanese green tea when she has...

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Tea Lab – Water Temperature Testing Part One

A series of tea experiments. Exploring the variables within the tea practitioner's world. Today we are investigating 3 ways to heat water for your tea. In this experiment, we use a Yunnan green tea. 1. Heating water to temp. 2. Boiling water allowed to cool. 3....

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Visual Tea Travel Singapore

Highlights of my time in Singapore as a travel guide. Public transport is so easy and cheap in Singapore. I had fun exploring the architecture, food and tea venues. You will find links to the videos on Tea below as well as links to best Singapore advisory website and...

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A Guide to Tea in Singapore

In this episode, Tania shows some of the interesting tea houses and tea experiences she enjoyed during her visit to Singapore.  Links to all the tea houses and events are in the YouTube description below the video.

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How to make Holiday Celebration Tea Drinks

Celebration tea drinks are adaptable for any occasion.  Tea offers a wonderful spectrum of flavours for you to use in creating those Celebration Tea Drinks.   Here is a video with some ideas for Tea Drinks with Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic versions.  Key hints to...

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