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How to make Holiday Celebration Tea Drinks

Celebration tea drinks are adaptable for any occasion.  Tea offers a wonderful spectrum of flavours for you to use in creating those Celebration Tea Drinks.   Here is a video with some ideas for Tea Drinks with Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic versions.  Key hints to...

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Tea Infused Melk Tert

Tea Infused Melk Tert is a really easy and simple recipe for summer holiday desserts. Of course it is infused with a delicious Chinese Black Tea. Holiday guests are coming from South Africa. Let's hope they enjoy the twist of tea....

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How to brew Gyokuro Japanese Tea

How to brew Gyokuro Japanese Tea.  It's time to try the new green tea espresso - Gyokuro. Full of sweet and salty flavours with no astringency this Japanese tea is a pure delight. Harumi from Okei-san join me to explain Gyokuro and gives us all the hints to brew the...

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An Introduction to Oolong

How do they make Oolong? What is Oolong tea? Why are there so many colours, flavours and aromas? The Oolong tea family has the largest breadth and depth in the spectrum of flavours and aromas. Use this video as your springboard into the insanely brilliant world of...

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Reviewing an Aged Oolong

Aged Oolongs sourced direct from the farm providing a transparency of the source and authenticity of the tea. There is a limited stock of this amazing memorable Oolong.

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New Generation of Tea Growers

An introduction to a new generation of tea growers are making their mark in the the tea industry. Their tea is enjoyed throughout the world. See the faces behind the extraordinary Oolongs from Cuppa Cha.

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Tea and Whisky: a review

Tea and Whisky is a wonderful combination.  You can either add a small drop to lift and open the flavours of the whisky (recommended for single malt) or use it as a mixer with the whisky (recommended for blended whisky)...

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