Classic Tung Ting


Rich Honey, Nutty, Smooth

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Classic Tung Ting –  over the years canvas rolled balled Tung Ting has become lighter in oxidisation and baking.  Our Tung Ting returns to the Classic style of 20% oxidised and light-mid fire bake.  The unique Tung Ting baking process is a long arduous task over a number of days bringing out the complex notes of this tea.

Location: Nantou
Tea Cultivar: Si Chi Chun Oolong (four seasons)
Tea Master: Mr Chen
Harvest Time: Spring
Brewing Guidelines
Teaware: glass, porcelain/ceramic pot
Amount: Fill 1/5 – 1/4 of the pot with leaf
Water: 100°C (boiling)water
Infusions: 60secs | 35secs | 45secs | 60secs | 120secs

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