Formosa Bonita 27 (FB27)


Smooth, Fruity, Sweet

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What is Formosa Bonita 27?

The darker Taiwanese Oolongs have a romantic name, Formosa Bonita 27.  The darker Oolongs of Taiwan are oxidised between 80-90% with a light baking to finish.  The various types of the darker Oolongs are usually identified by their Official TTES number.  TTES#18 is very common with a minty, menthol palate.  Our #27 is unique with a smooth, fruity and floral with no hint of astringency.  Serve it hot or room temperature in a wine glass with red meats, rich sauces, mushrooms or chocolate cake.

What is Taiwan Oolong?

Taiwan Oolongs offer the largest breadth and depth within the Oolong family.  Wuyi Mountain is the home of Oolong. However, Taiwan is the world leader in the innovative techniques that create unique flavours and aromas.  Taiwan’s large range of Oolongs is achieved by 3 important steps: 1.level of oxidization,  2. baking, and 3. rolling style. Taiwan develops innovative oolong types through respecting and honouring traditional Oolong processes brought to Taiwan from Chinese immigrants.  Many of Taiwan’s famous and unique Oolongs are available in the Tea Shop Amber OolongOriental Beauty, Alishan Jin Xuan, FB 27

How to enjoy your tea

Taiwan Oolongs are very versatile and can be presented in different styles when you are deciding on your tea service.  The lightest Oolongs serve cold in a wine glass while the medium and baked Oolongs serve hot in a beautiful teacup.  The darkest Oolongs room temperature in a whisky snifter glass.  All styles of Taiwan’s Oolongs work well carbonated and served in a Champagne flute.  The range of Oolongs offers lots of different options for tea and food pairing.  They are the perfect choice for mindful drinking.

Location: Hinschu
Tea Cultivar: Jin Xuan (TTES12)
Tea Master: Mr Shu
Harvest Time: Summer
Brewing Guidelines
Teaware: glass, porcelain/ceramic pot
Amount: Fill 1/5 – 1/4 of the pot with leaf
Water: 95°C water
Infusions: 60secs | 35secs | 45secs | 60secs | 120 secs

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