Old Barrel Tea & Glass Mug Gift Box


Old Barrel Tea Gift Box



What is in this Old Barrel Oolong Tea Gift Box?

The 300ml glass mug is complete with an inner glass infuser.  It is an all in one tea making vessel that is perfect for brewing up a tea for one at home or in the workplace.  Two bags of Old Barrel Tea completes the gift box for the tea enthusiast.   Below is a full description of the Old Barrel Tea that was created in a collaboration with two other Tea Specialists.

What is Old Barrel Oolong Tea?

Old Barrel Tea Co. is pleased to release Batch No. 001 Jin Xuan to the market.  This is the first project from Old Barrel Tea Co.  comprised of Australian tea specialists Cheryl Tea (Flag & Spear), Tania Stacey (Cuppa Cha) and Kym Cooper (The Steepery Tea Co.)  Our Jin Xin Oolong has been sourced from Wang’s award-winning tea garden in Chiayi, located in the northwestern area of the famous AliShan region of Taiwan.  This high mountain Oolong is from the prized winter picking – the leaves are harvested before the tea bushes rest during the winter snow.  The winter pluck Jin Xuan presents stronger notes of cream, butter, and orchid flowers.  Aged in STARWARD whisky barrels for 67 days, this Jin Xuan has developed a boozy whisky aroma, tropical fruit flavour, and a thicker mouthfeel.  The finish is long, with lingeringly sweet whisky notes!

How to enjoy your tea

Old Barrel Oolong is a Jin Xuan Oolong that can be served hot or cold brew.  Below are the instructions for a hot brew.  If you prefer Cold Brew – use 1g to 100ml cold water and infuse for 8hours.

Location: Chiayi, Taiwan
Tea Cultivar: Jin Xuan
Tea Master: Mr Wang
Harvest Time: early December 2017

Brewing Guidelines
Teaware: 100ml glass, porcelain/ceramic pot
Amount: 2 rounded teaspoons (4g) of tea leaves
Water: 95°C  filtered water
3 Infusions: 45sec | 30sec | 60sec

Learn more about Oolong Tea Introduction to Oolong


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