8 Immortals Wuyi Oolong


Strong, Sweet, Floral, Organic



What is 8 Immortals Wuyi Oolong?

Please take a seat and a moment to enjoy this Wuyi Oolong – 8 Immortals.  It is a beautiful Wuyi Oolong with a strong sweet floral fragrance that will fill the room while brewing. 8 Immortals will deliver a strong flavour to match the high aroma, consequently making it a heavenly experience and aptly named after the famous Chinese myth – Eight Immortals.  The sweet taste reflects the mineral-rich soil of the region and is true to the character of Wuyi Rock Oolongs.

What is Wuyi Mountain Oolongs?

Wuyi Oolongs are from the Wuyi Mountain range in the prefecture of Nanping, northern Fujian province near the border with Jiangxi province, China.   “Rock teas” or “Cliff teas” (yancha) are other names for this Oolong because of their terroir, their distinctive aromas, and flavours.  The Wuyi Mountains area is acknowledged as the birthplace of Oolong production.  Many famous Oolongs that are available on our website are produced in this area Da Hong Pao and Shui Xian Narcissus

How to enjoy your tea

This Wuyi Oolong is the perfect tea to drink with other tea friends or while you are enjoying some time out.  However, a Wuyi Oolong will offer a number of different options for serving.  This Oolong has a flavour that displays its versatility in and with food for a variety of social occasions.  You can experiment with infusing the leaves in cream or milk for sweet pastries and chocolate.   Pairing a Wuyi Oolong with a cheese and fruit platter for a family/friends dinner is another option to explore.  While it is best to serve a Wuyi Oolong hot, you should try serving chilled for a robust hot afternoon beverage.

Tea Details

Location: Fujian Province
Tea Cultivar: Ba Xian (8 Immortals)
Tea Master: Lin Qu
Harvest Time: April-May

Brewing Guidelines

Teaware: 250ml glass, porcelain or yixing clay pot
Amount: 3 rounded teaspoons (2g) of tea leaves
Water: 100°C (boiling) filtered water
Infusion: First infusion at least 2 minutes

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