Jin Kong Que (Golden Peacock)


Rich, Sweet, Aromatic, Organic

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What is Jin Kong Que (Golden Peacock)?

JinKongQue is a Yunnan black tea with a sweet yam aroma with sweet, rich flavours and perfect with sweet french bread.  Dai people in Jing Mai, Yunnan named this black tea after their much-loved birds, the peacocks.  If you enjoy the high priced Yunnan Golden bud teas, you will enjoy this affordable handmade tea which makes it an everyday high-end option.

What is Chinese Black Tea?

Tea farmers in China have a long history in making Green, Oolongs and Puer Tea but Black tea (or Red Tea) was a new addition for the Chinese tea farmers.  Fujian province is the birthplace of Chinese Black Tea about 450 years ago. The select teas from Fujian include Lapsang Bohea. Yunnan is another province that is famous for Black Tea which includes Golden Buds and the ever affordable Golden Peacock   Qimen county includes Sunrise Qimen,  is located in Anhui Province, China where previously the tea was chopped during processing. In the past decade, they are now picking the tea early and processing beautiful whole leaf tea.

How to enjoy your tea

It is better to drink Chinese Black Tea without milk.  However, milk can be added to a large number of Indian black teas. The Chinese tea is full of flavours and aroma which would be hidden in milk. The whole leaf black tea from China, allows you to use the leaves multiple times to extract the full flavour held within the leaves.  Hot black tea is delicious with breakfast foods or sweet pastries. Black tea is very good as a stock for cooking risottos and slow cook meats.  What not try this Black tea and Mushroom Risotto Black Tea and Mushroom Risotto

Tea Details

Location: Yunnan Province
Tea Cultivar: Yunnan Big Leaves Tea Tree
Tea Master: Hu Tao
Harvest Time: Early April

Brewing Guidelines

Teaware: 250ml glass, porcelain or yixing clay pot
Amount: 3 rounded teaspoons (3g) of tea leaves
Water: 100°C (boiling) filtered water
Infusion: First infusion at least 1 1/2 minutes

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